Wireless Security Camera systems: What Are They?

The increasing need to monitor and ensure security has made way for new security camera systems. Gone are the days when it used to be a hefty task to install a security camera system and wire it with the camera. Not only it it looked untidy but also brought in many connection errors or wire cut. With the advent of technology, wired camera systems have been replaced by wireless security camera systems.

Wireless camera systems do not need any wired connection. The cameras can be installed a ceiling, whether indoor or outside and can be powered using any standard outlet. There are battery powered wireless systems as well. What makes wireless systems better than the conventional wired systems is not just the wireless factor but also the convenience. You can monitor the surroundings at your home or business on the go with the help of internet.

Basically, there are three types of wireless security camera systems. The first one is outdoor wireless system. This is the most widely used system installed at homes. As the name suggests, these can be put near the gate to keep an eye on who comes in, who goes out and the happenings in the surroundings. The second one is the Ip security system. The camera works as a webcam and the recording, as well as live happenings, can be accessed over the internet. The third in the list is the Nanny cam that are extremely small in size and could be bought in the shape of a clock, toy, DVD players, etc.

The cost of these types of cameras vary. Thus, it is important to choose one that caters to your needs perfectly.

Storm Chaser Videographer Jim Leonard

See more of Jim’s pictures and videos at his site cyclonejim.com

Jim saw his first real tornadoes May 28, 1975 in the Texas Panhandle. He and his chase partner and saw one to their north, but a second much larger tornado formed alarmingly close to their south and began to chase them

Later that season, on June 6, near Freedom, Oklahoma, He was lucky enough to take the first known motion picture of an anti-cyclonic (clockwise rotating) tornado in the northern hemisphere.

Now he was hooked on the dual passions of tornado and hurricane chasing, and bringing back my quarry on film. Ever since, he has thought nothing of hopping the next plane to any place in the world where he might have the chance to experience nature’s most powerful displays.

Some of Jim’s other personal and filmed highlights include Hurricane Gilbert, the strongest Atlantic storm on record, Hurricane Hugo, caught in both Puerto Rico and Charleston, South Carolina, and numerous tornado encounters, including a mile-wide monster near Allison, Texas in 1995, and another mile-wide tornado near Perth, Kansas in 1997.

His video footage has been featured in National Geographic’s “Cyclone!” on NBC, the CBS special “Forces of Nature,” “Tornado Video Classics” by Tom Grazulis, the Discovery Channel’s “Raging Planet,” the Weather Channel special “The Chase,” plus many commercials. In addition, I contribute video and eyewitness accounts of land falling hurricanes to the National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Unit.

Storm Chaser Warren Faidley

A veteran extreme weather adventurer and journalist, Warren Faidley is recognized as one of the world’s leading, hands on severe weather and disaster experts. Warren has survived some of the planet’s most extreme weather, including the 300 mph winds of an F5 tornado and a Category 5 hurricane.

Warren’s spellbinding anecdotes of his encounters with violent weather are perfect for speaking engagements, lectures, advertising, safety seminars, interviews, product endorsements and trade shows.

Unlike the over dramatized, reckless amateurs often seen on reality television, Warren is a consummate professional. He has consulted with clients around the globe, including commercial, editorial and government interests. Warren is often seen on television, reporting for major news networks like Fox News and CNN.

Storm Chasing Tours

Be part of a real chase team and not another tourist stuffed in a rental van!

Why spend the adventure of your lifetime in a crowded, uncomfortable van of strangers when you can chase privately, safely and comfortably in the front seat of a real storm intercept vehicle** with the world’s top storm chaser!

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